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We specialize in any occasion costumes for men, women & children.

We offer sale, custom-design & rentals of Halloween costumes, Masquerade costumes, Renaissance costumes, Victorians costumes, Theatrical productions, National costumes of different countries, Philippine regional and Historical costumes, Animal outfits, Futuristic attire, Super Heroes, Religious costumes, Glamour gear, Storybook and Belly dancing attire, Holiday costumes, Seasonal Costumes, Mascot, Costume Wigs, Mask, Headpices & Hats, Hairpieces and different types of accessories.

On this website you will find a small selection of the high quality costumes available for sale & rentals at Maskarada.

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Opening hours:
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 5:00PM (Last appointment is at 4PM)
Please call us by appointment ONLY

Location Map:
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Visit us at our New Showroom at: 1630 Peñafrancia St., Santiago Village, Makati City
Tel No. +632-8975863
Website: www.maskarada.biz